LESS extends the CSS with dynamic behavior, It’s an language for CSS ,Which you can extend and simplify way of writing style sheet for web pages

LESS runs on both client side (chrome , safari ,Firefox ) and Server Side like node.js

Less has more functionality like

  • Variables
  • Mixins
  • Nested Rules
  • Functions and Operations

Right way to include less file in your web page .First write some less

// Declaring variables
@border-width: 1px;
@red: #842210;

// Using variables
div#header {
border: @border-width solid @red;

LESS file has with extension .less and then include the less js script.

Less Compiler outputs the above less code as an normal css script,which browser can understand.

div#header {
border: 1px solid #842210;

Windows Web Developer must have WinLess , Its windows less compiler

Windows Less Compiler

Download Win Less GUI for Windows

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