Food item cane stuck in cow mouth

Yesterday night, I went for a walk and found this cow. Which is something different in the mouth. I went closer and look at it. It was some food cane item got stuck in the mouth.

I tried myself to help that cow , unfortunately I couldn’t help . It was totally dark and no help roadside since it’s completely lockdown.

Finally, Today morning again I saw that cow. Someone helped that cow and free that cane from the cow mouth.

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Cycling after a long time

Feeling energized in the morning. I went to cycling till muttukadu boathouse after a long time.
It’s about 25 km ride up and down. I was not prepared to do that 25km and bike is also not a good condition day before. I manage to fill air pressure using my hand up and geared up with some oil.

Few pics 🙂

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