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  1. LESS

    LESS extends the CSS with dynamic behavior, It’s an language for CSS ,Which you can extend and simplify way of writing style sheet for web pages LESS runs on both client side (chrome , safari ,Firefox ) and Server Side like node.js Less has more functionality like Variables Mixins Nested Rules Functions and Operations Right…

  2. Self-Executing Functions

    JavaScript – Instead of calling function .It is simple to invoke function automatically when page loads. The syntax (function helloword(){ alert(“Hello World”); // write your functionality })();

  3. Digital Diary

    Tip that use the notepad as your own digital diary. Just open notepad type “.LOG ” without quotes and save your notepad “mydiary.txt” Every  time  when  you mydiary.txt . It prints the current timestamp. It’s Simple tip to use your notepad as digital diary .