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  1. LESS

    LESS extends the CSS with dynamic behavior, It’s an language for CSS ,Which you can extend and simplify way of writing style sheet for web pages LESS runs on both client side (chrome , safari ,Firefox ) and Server Side like node.js Less has more functionality like Variables Mixins Nested Rules Functions and Operations Right…

  2. Node.js

    Learning node.js Always we know javascript lived in the client browser, here some thing new that use the javascript functionality in server side. node.js is called as server side javascript.

  3. XML DOM Parsing in Javascript

    XML parser reads XML, and converts it into an XML DOM object that can be accessed with JavaScript. Example : Javascript Snippet var str_inputxml = “<root><row id=’1′>One</row><row id=’2′>Two</row></root>”; var obj_parser=new DOMParser; var obj_xml = obj_parser.parseFromString(str_inputxml, “text/xml”); var obj_rows=obj_xml.selectNodes(“/root/row”); var text; //Select Text Node if(obj_rows.length>0) { text = obj_rows.item(0).text; } //Select Attribute Value var attributes =…

  4. String Replace All – Javascript

    In general JavaScript replace function replaces the first occurrence in the string. It takes two parameters , first parameter to find the string and second parameter is string to replace when it found. Replace Snippet : var str = “Javascript find Function”; str = str.replace(“find”,”replace”); Replace All Snippet : var str = “Javascript find Function”;…

  5. Sencha – Image service – An great image service ,It help you dynamically resize images on various mobile screens. How to use src To use Src in its default mode, you simply prefix your absolute src attribute with An Example for above image <img title=”sencha-io” src=”” alt=”” width=”348″ height=”204″ />