Strange – Road Fire Accident

An usual day, when I riding bike, it’s time to reach office in 30 mins , I know that i’m always late to office. I was riding bit rash to reach office. Yes I got space to ride bike fast in Chennai city in a straight stretch road from Tidel Park to Madhya Kailash . In Between there is railway station Indira Nagar (Adyar). From the long distance with cooling helmet visor. I saw some air polluted environment ,that time I thought some Chennai corporation lorry is moving before me, yes that much polluted , I left throttle slowly , came to closure , it’s bike fire accident, Bajaj Pulsar Bike is burning out completely . I guess petrol tank burst out. I don’t the rider got injured.


While taking a snap of accident. some sound  came whzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. people got scared and ran away , i too ran away  few meter my safety



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