Marvelous 2013 – Happy New Year

Partied! 31 st night , Happy New Year !

This is time new year is different than previous year , usually used to go to Eliots Beach and then for movie.

This time with Hari ( consecutively 3rd year with buddy ) , Naresh and Arun ( Hari Friend)

Parited in Kailash Resort , Enjoyed live music show by cine background singers and dances and special i thoroughly enjoyed hip hop tamizah

harmonica beatbox hip hop tamizha , simply great performance

Then dance , I danced like mad, actually friends were not noted , they were enjoying and dancing , I danced terrifically.

That’s over with 31st night

Ok ,  1 st morning  waked  me by manikandan with plan of lunch and then call from suresh, So I quickly planed to take my guys to movie , beach and dinner in (The Rock or Basera )

The List  are Suresh , Saravanan , Mani , Mari , Vamsi and me.

@ 1.20 PM some of met in Water Tank (sholinganallur ) It’s few kilometer from my home  , from there i took suresh with me to get the movie ticket  ( Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kanum ) .

@ late  1.50 pm , everybody met in theater , Movie Started , I really enjoyed and everybody enjoyed , I had good laughter in theater . I had great evening and reached Eliot’s beach , just had chat over there 🙂 , Funny conversion with vamsi tamil.

We had dinner in The Rock  , chicken platter and sea food platter great

lastly had juice  from kovai pazhamudhir cholai ( I had two strawberry milkshake and musk melon )

Great Day 🙂

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