Naresh & Karthick Marriage – From Royapuram to Thruchengcode

Both are my close friends who residing north Chennai Royapuram (Naresh) and Thirchengode (Karthick)

They kept their marriage on the same day in a different location.
It was a very hectic and challenging experience to travel and attend the reception and marriage.

We four Gowtham, Hari, Vissanth and my self attend the event.
It was an unusual evening for me skipped status call and started travelling in a local train with Gowtham and Hari to reach the central station and from there taken an auto to reach Royapuram.

Firstly done with Naresh reception in the evening and travelled to Koyembadu bus terminus to catch the Salem busy.

After a very long time travelling with close friends and more relaxed. Early morning we reached Salem and then we catch Thirenchengcode bus. Karthick has booked A.C rooms for us to refresh and after refreshing, we went to mandapam. we spent some time Karthick and had a very nice breakfast.

Vissanth wants to visit the famous temple Thiruchengode (Artha Nadivarsa)

We went there and came back on the same bus. the hectic journey started to reach out home. We reached Salem and looking for Chennai buses to reach quickly. And Hari got Banglore bus to go back work.

And then Gowtham suggests to catch the bus to Vellore from Salem and then Vellore to Chennai. So we will save at least one hour than travelling on a straight bus.

I and Vissanth agreed and proceed. But it turned like anything. We reached late to Vellore. After reaching the Koyembadu. There are no buses to my place and we reached Velachery and then Gowtham home and took Gowtham bike to my home. It was 12 o clock policeman stopped and enquiring me. I explained and reached home.

🙁 Painful journey
And happy that I could make my presence there.

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