My First Half Marathon @ The Wipro Chennai Marathon


I have taken some time write a post about my wonderful experience  Half Marathon. Which i completed successfully this year 2013. It’s great experience , there are too many inspiration to run after my schools. My Inspiration are many there, The barefoot runner vishwanathan jayaraman and of course my company director Vilva Natarajan

In year 2012, Chennai Marathon i  was part of volunteer in one of main Aid Station, where i supporting runners, to be hydrated on the way of running . That was massive event in year 2012, “Now this year was massive event and record as country 2nd largest marathon”, Proud and happy be running in Chennai Marathon.

Well that’s the moment I decided and my inner dialogue was I gonna Chennai Marathon in next year, Yep, that was one of goal in year 2013, I feel great today that I completed my goal in on time.

Half Marathon start at 5.15 a.m , I started running and happily welcomed by rain. I worried for my mobile after 5 to 10 mins of running , then I didn’t bother about , sure water lock is going there . lucky not happened on that day. Mobile has water lock after  2 days in another rain. #ESKI – Enna Koduma Sir Idhu.

Good running experience , I never stopped in any where in the middle of running  .  I stop and feel that my body is pushing down. so i managed to run slow. I was practiced slow pace which help me lot to complete  21.1km @3:08 mins. Excellent experience when I reach 12th km @marina and lovely public were encouraging a lot.

Lastly I were performing  my own dance steps after the breakfast having  #bad burger from The Westin , Suresh and Mani joined with me and unkown person who given good company in few minutes of dancing 🙂

The #disaster after ran -Vomit :– After reach home, I vomited twice all the breakfast I had came out 🙁

Well Coming year I’m going to do couple of Half Marathon and  one full marathon. Lets See, I will do 🙂

Photos 🙂 here , all the orange buddies.

Couple of  friends were running in different categories , my running partner Manikandan who always run before 25 to 30 mins of me. Tremendous effort taker.

Just asked @mani – How do feel running and completing  HALF Marathon  ?

@mani says: That feels down to run , obvious liar he ran 21.1 km in 2.45 min approx. Between he throw his shoes away and tried bare foot running from marina

Another 3 friends where running 10 km category

@suresh , @saravanan , @umar

They are running for 1st time. That too happen by forcing them to register , I have one liner running experience and comments from them

@suresh says.Its just good experience of running and ready to run further running event , @suresh tweets  – Happily that Done with first 10k  marathon

@saravanan says. That all our colleagues are running to give company I’m also running , other two 10 k runners bit angry @saravanan , why because he complete 10km before them and ahead in ranks. He doesn’t give a company.

@umar says: Great Bro , I asked him for what , He said we accomplished our marathon and  ranked , so we need to congratulate our self. It’s great attitude and umar received 2nd medal in his lifetime , First medal was school age in Karate class , please be careful 🙂


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