Happy birthday Madras!

Today , It’s August 22, time to celebrate the birthday of Madras. Eight years ago, the idea of celebrating Madras from the journalist Shashi Nair and Vincent D’Souza who came up with idea in year 2004

Madras Day focuses on the city, its history, past, present and the core team motivates communities, groups, companies and campuses in the city to host different events.

Chennai Central, Marina Beach,Kapaleeswarar Temple, Santhome Basilica, Bharata Natyam recital are some identity of madras


Why August 22 is Madras day ?

In this day August 22 – 1639 , British trader Francis Day signed the lease for the tiny strip of beach he had obtained from the disintegrating Vijayanagara Empire to build a permanent trading post of the East Coast. His favourite spot was where Fort St. George stands today. Soon the construction began and that marked the birth of the city of Madras.

I quickly remember movie Madrasapattinam and recollected few old images of Madras Town . Which was wonderfully directed by A.L Vijay

Madras week celebration : http://themadrasday.in/

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