Usually, we have lunch at Ram’s , Foody’s OR Andhra Mess , occasionallyĀ  we will go for Bhuari or Banana leaf .

It was after Pongal holidays, No hotels were opened , We heard that new hotel were opened in next to our office building. Few minutes by walk we reached there. Totally 7 members went there to have lunch , we order mini meals and were waiting for long. Nothing arrived , in between meals to arrive we found paper in the table were playing around, finally the meals arrived for 3 person and sad is rest of them don’t have meals for today (Sir , mini meals gaali, paarota iruku ,chapathi iruku ). What the hell first day of new hotel ,they didn’t maintain the quantity level of making, Actually good for rest of them had good meal than us šŸ™ , we paid 100 for each, worthless


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