Disaster on ECR Drive

On Republic Day we went for a long drive in ECR with my Karomi friends Saravanan and Mani. We had some Pit Stop to enjoy the early morning ECR scenic view and realize that car air pressure is too low.

It was early in the morning no shop was open to fill the air pressure. So decide to slowly drive and found one local puncture shop in kolvam.

The guy supplied more than normal air pressure car tyre, we had doubt and asked him to check the pressure values. He checked with manual pressure gauge and said ok.

We continued our drive with doubtfully and then we have started our long drive and went some more miles and decide to return home because the hot sun is hitting us.

while returning to the home nearby Kovalam crocodile bank. The car tyre burst happens. I was driving and totally in control. I don’t have the necessary tools in the car to change the Stepney.

Luckily one tourism bus driver helps us to change the Stepney tyre. Our bad day continues from there. The Stepney tyre is also not in good condition. we drove to a few kilometres to check the air pressure. Before hitting the nearby local shop. Replaced Stepney tyre also burst.

Since its public Holiday, we don’t find shops nearby. Most of the shops are closed. My friend was waiting in the spot and Finally took share auto went to Kelambakkam bought a new tyre and replaced.

The whole day gives a different experience. I am thankful tourist driver who helped me to change the Stepney and guy who did replace the new tyre. At last, I have replaced all four tyres when I backed to my place.

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