Bye !!! Karomi

It’s very tough decision. At last decide to move out of Karomi. I’m  sharing my great journey in karomi over last 4 years


I visited Karomi March 2010 , Which is very few kilometer from my home. I were pretty happy about company located. I fixed my self to get the offer. Luckily, it happen in next  day itself , that received an email from the director Vilva Natarajan. This happiness is no longer for 9 months, After couple of months Karomi moved to T.Nagar. I had given try for couple interviews. almost i was there . DNB, Bally Technologies, Scope International, Some thing made me to stay at KAROMI. Which I don’t know the reason.

Friends and Colleagues who worked and working always asked why you stay in karomi , for your experience try for MNC job. I don’t have answers that time. Now time to answer while moving to another firm.

That because of my very own business. I believed myself everyday that I can build my successful business. Started an social networking , news aggregation. Finally I stay to build product comparison site. Now I am in progress. Once business is ready to my pay bills. I am ready to quite job and will become a entrepreneur. Hope soon it will happen in couple of years.

I started working Karomi in March 2010 as an Software Engineer and ended as Software Engineer , February 2014


I were fed-up  to my start my day daily. used to travels in huge traffic roads in Chennai.

Working in Product Company, Seriously I struggle to fit my self into product development because I always used play around with new technologies by writing small code or copy pasting the code and i felt like a Programmer. that because I Love Open Source.

At some point along way it made to manage a small team for new projects , I was happily developing own strategy of working. It was good learning experience.

But now I am looking to do some different in my personal project, learn new things, and explore different technologies

I realized that bigger learning and growing challenge for me was letting go , not staying on

In a month after deciding move along, I had done some excellent changes in my project. Boldly taken call for go live of and as well other projects.

2011 is big learning curve in my life. World of experience. I used to travel in MTC buses especially AC bus. Even I born and brought up Chennai I never travelled more than 10 km for my education. I never grab lunch from home. Later a month I own new bike Yamaha . that year I became licensed driver never worried about white shirt police man. Some special places in my work location. Eating different foods. My experience in karomi became product developer and third party software integration viewer and colors..etc . mostly I were doing research and development of other products. Today I am confused look back of work, lot of iteration done . my development folder has plenty of unused folders.

2012 is disaster year. My father met accident and sister underwent surgery to get back her finger 🙁 suffered lot in both health and wealth wise. My mom bold woman who managed all. She sacrifice everything in her life. I have my life and years to do for her.

Primary goal to complete my house.


But year 2013 is became wonderful year, Lot of challenge in work and took serious steps on track of my goals , which i would say Rupeely got good shape. More updates followed in coming year.

About colleagues

Good enough affections or more enough misunderstanding.

I am type of person. Which is true and I believe

I don’t who you are, i don’t care what you do, If you are nice to me , I will be nice to you

I love my friends than relations , I got limited friends. I always hangout in the evenings . I used to talk lot in the evenings. Suresh and Saravanan are really sad. They never had chance to escape from me. Definitely I gonna miss them.


Everyone of my teammate. I got new place to play around. Dam sure , I will be doing better on my goals in coming year.

“I gotta go now.. Ta Ta now”

I owe big thank you to friends of the company and everyone else I have worked with fast few years. Its been a pleasure.

Most importantly, to the entire Karomi team

I am excited because there are great things coming for both myself and Karomi

If you would like follow. (My very own business)


Ta ta 🙂

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