Some Highlights

  1. BIB Collection – The Westin Chennai Velachery Hotel
  2. Started at 8 P.M, Interesting talk  with mani over riding bike in chennai traffic to  reach GOJAN Business School
  3. Reached GOJAN School at 10 p.m
  4. Found the cheapest hotel in chennai (7 parota and 2 dosa for 79 rupees) with mani
  5. Bad , No water in restrooms  🙁
  6. Met Vilva before into Full Marathon warm up session, He asked our up-gradation to Full Marathon. (I said Dec 7th Chennai Runners).
  7. I was Zero Practice to Half Marathon
  8. It was tough terrain (Challenging)
  9. It was scenic place 🙂  I loved it
  10. Village Little kids was quietly  looking at runners and as well encouraging 🙂
  11. Twist in reaching Finish point. There was U turn for 1 KM , Met mani there. I was exchanging the feel of twist 🙂
  12. So many ankle twist happen to me
  13. Always caught in peak of sun (Its better for me,  who did Full Marathon)
  14. CTM 14 is my 4th Half Marathon (Completed Successfully)
  15. Through my Heart I respect who did FM/UM , I will do start my practices for FM 🙂



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