100km – 10 Days

10 X 10 KM = 100 Km

It’s a fitness / running goal challenge. I want to complete 100 kilometres in 10 days by running daily 10 km without a break, Which will increase my long-running days. Eventually, It will add up 1000km running for the year 2020.

During this Pandemic, I have been less active and more stressed in my life. I want to break this loop and set my standard little higher to get back on track.

Day 1:

10 km – I won’t say easy running. It took 75 minutes to cover 10 km. I will call it warming for the coming days.

Day 2: 

10 km – I have been very late. It’s hard to cover the distance. Too much head and hot as well.

Day 3:

10 km – Unable to get up and ready for Run. Its being battle mind over body. I was thinking of the shuttle run and finally gave up the morning run and then decided to run in the evening.